Westhampton Garden Club, Westhampton Beach, Long Island

The Westhampton Garden Club Celebrates
The Private Gardens of its Members

Music provided by Pond5


This historic home was built in the late 19th century. Ine's garden embraces her ideals of composition and color, a daily practice for her as an artist in the painting studio. In her planning, Ine considered the original lay of the land established by the mature trees on the property. The elements of scale and landscape architecture set this garden apart.


Kathy’s garden tells the story of generations of gardeners going back to her grandfather and father-in-law who had a rose garden and a classic wheelbarrow which now serves as a colorful garden sculpture.  Her veggie “Victory” garden“ is benefitted by the dedicated composting practice which includes kitchen scraps, yard clippings, and shredded paper from the office. Lint from the drier, too, helps maintain moisture levels. View Kathy’s Chocolate Mint Ice Tea Recipe


Dorothy and Michael are scholars when it comes to roses. Check out Michael's Cocktail for Roses and Alfalfa Tea and his top picks for easy to grow/maintain roses. Between the two of them, they are truly “the Rose Whisperers” of our club and the community. We are fortunate to have them as a resource on all things roses.


Dear All,

Many thanks to everyone involved with this exciting project. We hope you all enjoyed it and were inspired by these special gardens!

See you next year at our very popular House & Garden Tour in July of 2021. 


Inger Mejean, President, Westhampton Garden Club (2018 -2020)
Nancy Vigorito, House & Garden Tour Chair 2021
Joy Flynn, Videographer

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